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Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Assocation

We, the members of Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association, welcome you to the home page of our website www.splka.org.  Please take your time and electronically explore our organization and our lighthouses on the east coast of Lake Michigan: Big Sable, Ludington North Breakwater, Little Sable, and White River. Then please do visit us this summer!  In the distance of about 60 miles and the time of about one day you can visit and climb all of these lighthouses.  At Big Sable we have a wonderful gift shop full of lighthouse themed clothes, models and art for you to buy and remember us.  At White River we have a museum.

Standard admission rates to climb the towers are as follows: Big Sable, Little Sable and Ludington Breakwater Lighthouse is $3.00 for adults and $1.00 for children and admission to the White River light Station and Museum is $4.00 for adults and $2.00 for children. Hopefully, your visit will spur your interest to join our organization or a lighthouse organization near you.  Thank you.

All Access Pass

Just in time for the season SPLKA is announcing the “All Access Pass”. These passes provide the user with a discounted rate to climb all four towers. You may purchase these by contacting the SPLKA office by phone at 231-845-7417, email at splkaofficemanager@gmail.com or at any of our four SPLKA lights. The price for these passes is $3.00 for children and $10.00 for adults. The passes provide a savings of $2.00 for children and $3.00 for adults over buying individual tower climbs. Pass will be good for the 2014 season. SPLKA invites you and your family to come climb a lighthouse and create priceless memories.

Saturday Afternoon Delight

July 26th - 2:00 p.m. White River Light Station
W.M.I. Dulcimer Friends
Come enjoy a Saturday afternoon with a group of acoustic musicians that between them have decades of experience playing folk music, the music of our ancestors handed down through time. This is the music played in grange halls for square dances. The musicians will be playing dulcimers, guitars and fiddles to mention a few. They play for the love of music. Bring the family, your blankets or lawn chairs and enjoy an afternoon of folk inspired music while visiting and exploring the White River Light Station. The museum and tower will also be open for the standard admission charge.

Dancing At the Lights

August 1st Ludington Breakwater Lighthouse
Momentum Sensorium is a Chigcago based Site-Specific Dance Company led by Helen Lee. Since 2007, Momentum Sensorium has been seen utilizing various sensory elements to enhance live performances. Squishing fruit to emit the scent, sharing fruit for audience members to taste and releasing ladybugs with the possibility one may land on you for the sense of touch. Momentum Sensorium was a part of Looptopia, a festival celebrating performances in various outdoor venues in the Downtown area of Chicago, in 2007 and 2008. In 2009, Momentum Sensorium co-produced a evening length performance with dance company, The Humans. Helen was awarded a Dance Residency at the Chicago Cultural Center as a part of the Dance Bridge program in 2007. She has performed solo works at Little Sable Point Lighthouse in 2011, Big Sable Point Lighthouse in 2012 and White River Light Station in 2013. Helen is excited and thrilled to be returning for a 4th summer with 2 other dancers at Ludington North Breakwater. Immediately, after this performance, she will be heading to Cape Charles, VA to participate in a 2 week Site-Specific Experimental Dance Film project.

This year's dance performance will take place at Ludington North Breakwater with 3 dancers. The performace will begin at the end of pier and conclude inside the tower. Lighthouse visitors are welcome to experience the performance as they climb the tower anytime between 7-8:30pm. This will be a rare and unique way to experience your lighthouse visit.

Our News

SPLKA SEEKS LOCAL KEEPERS for Ludington lights.  Call 231-845-7417.
When in the Ludington area, tune to 1610 AM for lighthouse information.


Gift Shop

Looking for gifts this holiday season?  Then look no further! SPLKA is selling clothing, models, books, coasters, christmas cards, etc inside Todd & Brad Reed Studio.

Shining Light Award

Purpose: To honor and recognize someone who has made an outstading contribution in helping SPLKA to fullfill its mission. This award will be given out at the SPLKA annual meeting each year.


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