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Office: 231-845-7417
Mailing Address: Post Office Box 673, Ludington, MI 49431

Map and Directions for each Lighthouse Below


Big Sable Point Lighthouse

5611 N Lighthouse, Ludington, MI 49431 
Directions From Ludington:

  • Follow the signs on M116 to Ludington State Park.
  • Park in the lot just inside the main gate.
  • Walk or bike 1.8 miles on the lighthouse service trail, entered from the Pines Campground between sites 58 and 59..


  • Follow the signs on M116 to Ludington State Park.
  • Park in the Beach Cafe lot.
  • Walk north on the beach.


Little Sable Point Lighthouse

287 N Lighthouse Dr, Mears, MI 49436
From the Hart exit on the US 31 Expressway:

  •  Follow the Silver Lake State Park signs west and south through Mears and Silver.
  • Then follow the lighthouse signs past MacWoods Dune Rides to the lighthouse.

From Shelby exit on US 31 Expressway:

  • Turn west on Shelby Road and follow it until it T's at B-15 (Scenic Dr.)
  • Turn north or right on B-15 and follow it until it T's at Buchanan Rd.
  • Turn east or right on Buchanan Rd. and go about 1/4 mile to 18th Ave.
  • Turn north or left on 18th and follow it until it T's at Silver Lake Rd.
  • Turn west or left on Silver Lake Rd. (Mac Woods Dune Rides) and follow the paved road to the lighthouse.


Ludington North Breakwater

Directions From Ludington:

  • Follow US 10 west through Ludington to the North Pier.
  • Walk about 2/3 mile along the pier to the lighthouse.
  • Vehicles can park at the Stearns Park parking lot located just north of US 10 off of Lakeshore Drive for no charge.


White River Light Station

6199 Murray Rd, Whitehall, MI 49461

Take US-31 to the White Lake Dr. Exit 126. Turn west to dead end at South Shore Drive. Turn left on South Shore Drive and continue following Lighthouse/Museum Signs to the end of Murrary Road. Free parking next to the lighthouse.

Opt In for RECREATION PASSPORT for Parking at State Parks! As reminder, SPLKA Michigan-based Lighthouse Keepers will want to remember to “opt in” for the Recreation Passport system when you are renewing your automobile license plates this year. In the State of Michigan, the Recreation Passport took effect in 2010. This is a different way to pay for our state parks, which helps them receive consistent fees and helps us by costing less than ever before. It has replaced the traditional state park Motor Vehicle Permit (MVP) for Michigan residents, but out-of-state passes will still apply. The Recreation Passport system allows motorists to "opt in" to support Michigan state parks by agreeing to pay an additional $11 when renewing their license plates through the Secretary of State. This replaces the MVP, costs less to residents and helps the State parks to remain open and financially confident. The Recreation Passport is required for entry to state parks, recreation areas and boating access sites, so you’ll be all set for summer fun once you’ve got it! The $11 fee will authorize entry during the one–year registration period, but additional camping fees remain in place. Opting in saves regular park users money. Keepers who opt in to the system will be given stickers to apply to their license plates, indicating they paid the $11 State Recreation Passport fee and gaining them access to our lights. Those who decide not to pay the $11 fee when renewing their license plates, but later want to visit a state park or boating access site, will be required to purchase the Recreation Passport (for a possibly higher fee) upon entry to the park or site. Out–of–state visitors will still be required to purchase non–resident stickers at a cost of $31 annually or $9 daily, as they have in the past. So, be sure to “opt in”, when you are renewing your Michigan license plate!


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