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Bobbi Ryman

Bobbi Ryman

My name is Bobbi Ryman and I am delighted to now be on the SPLKA Board of Directors.

I am happily retired as the President and CEO of a successful business that had its beginning newly forty years ago. There are currently four locations of a Day Spa in the Grand Rapids area and my business was, and continues to be, located within those locations.  Some of the responsibilities included:

Education and ongoing training in sales and customer service, developing a product line that contains hundreds of SKUs, managing inventory, ordering from numerous vendors & stocking shelves were some of the ongoing tasks.  The “grunt work” always went hand in hand with the glamour of the business.  We were, and continue to be, a business dedicated to serving others to look and feel better about their personal as well as their professional image.

I have been a volunteer, serving a local organization for 50 years with many roles including Public Outreach chair, chairing and co-chairing various thought and task force committees, event and convention planning.

I have been an enthusiastic volunteer for SPLKA for three years and I am now looking forward to serving SPLKA, in additional ways, reaching outreach to the public as well as to other volunteers.