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Board of Directors

Dean Collingwood

Dean Collingwood

Dean Collingwood grew up in New Jersey and then worked in aviation as an Aircraft Mechanic, Aircraft Crew Chief, Quality Assurance Inspector, and Contract Specialist. He worked in civil aviation for four years, working for two airlines and then spent 35 years
dedicated to the US Air Force, the Air Force Reserve, and as a civilian for the Department of Defense. His work life took him from NJ to MD, NC, OH, TX, and OK, as well as numerous deployments and a life of traveling before retiring in 2016. He joined
SPLKA in 2017 and has since volunteered an average of four weeks per year as a light-keeper and assisting with lighthouse maintenance projects. He has worked in all the SPLKA lighthouses and enjoys learning the history of the lighthouses and the Great
Lakes. He recently moved to Grand Rapids, MI. with his wife and 10-year-old niece. He hopes to contribute to SPLKA in efforts to improve efficiencies and to grow as an organization by serving as a board member.